Study In Cyprus Program (SICP)

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You’re welcome to the Study In Cyprus Program (SICP) where education becomes affordable with our offer of 50% – 100% scholarship in Northern Cyprus. We hope you find this helpful as we will answer your likely questions.

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What are the names of the schools?

  1. Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) :-
  2. Cyprus International University (CIU) :-
  3. Guinea American :-
  4. Cyprus west :-
  5. Business School

Cost of Fees with the Scholarship

This depends on the school and you will know on your Admission Letter because it also varies depending on the course.

Housing and Accommodation

The schools provide accommodations at a cost and there are houses off campus.

What we do is we link up our students together to get an apartment. Because there are apartments that have :

  • 1+1(student alone)
  • 2+1(Two bedroom apartment where the student has a flat mate and they pay the Bill’s together).
  • 3+1 (3 bedroom apartment where they are 3 in a flat and they share the Bill’s together).

Visa Process

We help you with the Form and you provide the documents needed for it. The embassy collects $115 for it. We will also do your flight reservations.

What’s our cost and why should you trust us?

We’ve been in the business for a while and we have testimonies and we don’t collect the agent fee till we’ve finished our Job so no one is taking any money from you except your application fee which is 100€ = N40,000.

I hope you find this help full
Thank you.

Should you have any questions or require more information, I will answer you.

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Study In Cyprus Program (SICP)
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