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What is the TOEFL® test?
The TOEFL® test measures the ability of nonnative English speakers to use and understand the English language as it is heard, spoken, read and written in the university classroom.

What is the difference between the TOEFL iBT® and TOEFL® PBT tests?

The TOEFL test is offered in two formats: the TOEFL iBT® Test is administered via the Internet, and the TOEFL PBT test is administered in a paper-based format. The format you take depends on your testing location. Test centers that do not have Internet access offer the TOEFL PBT test.

1, The TOEFL iBT test measures reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. It is offered 30 to 40 times a year, and is administered online via computer at more than 4,500 testing sites in 165 countries. Most test takers take the TOEFL iBT test.

2, The TOEFL PBT test measures reading, listening, grammar and writing skills and is offered six times a year in areas where Internet-based testing is not available.

For more information, see:

1, TOEFL iBT Test Content

2, TOEFL PBT Test Content

Do I have a choice of which format to take?

The format of the test depends on your testing location, the capabilities of the testing center and any accommodations required for special needs.

Where are TOEFL test scores accepted?

More than 8,500 colleges, universities and agencies in 130 countries accept TOEFL scores. To learn more about how the TOEFL test can be your passport to study anywhere English is spoken, see Who Accepts TOEFL Scores.

How do I know what an institution’s score requirements are?

Each institution sets its own score requirements. You can start your score requirement research with the TOEFL® Destinations Directory and then contact the institution for more specific requirements.

If you’re applying for postgraduate studies, find out if your institution requires other tests, such as the GRE® (Graduate Record Examinations®) test. For more information about the GRE test, go to www.ets.org/gre.

How often is the test given?

The TOEFL iBT test is given on fixed dates, 30 to 40 times a year. Select your test date and location here. The TOEFL PBT test is offered where the TOEFL iBT test is not available and is given six times a year.

Can I take the test in one day?

Yes, the test is given in one day.

The test takes about four hours, but with check-in you should plan to be at the test site for at least four and one-half hours.

Can I retake the test?

Yes, you can retake the test as many times as you wish. There is no passing or failing test score — score requirements are set by each higher education institution or agency.

Why should I take the TOEFL test over another test?

1, It’s the most highly respected around the world
2, It’s the most widely accepted
3, It’s the most accurately measured
4, It’s the most fair and unbiased

It offers the most testing locations


TOEFL Registration FAQ

How do I register to reserve my seat?
You can register by filling in our registration form, click here to register online now. You can also register using one of four methods — online, in person, by phone or by mail. Online registration is the fastest, easiest method. You can choose where you want to test and see which dates are available.

Register online now. When you register, remember to:

Have your identification with you. Your name must be entered exactly as it appears on the identification you bring with you on test day.

Provide the names of up to four institutions you want to receive your scores. You can select them from the TOEFL® Destinations Directory. If you are registering by mail, you will also need to provide the TOEFL codes for each institution. If you register online and are not ready to select your score recipients, you can do so up until 10 p.m. on the day before your test by logging in to your online account.

How should my name appear on my registration?

The spelling of your name should match exactly the name printed on the valid ID document you will present at the testing site. If this information does not match, you will not be permitted to test, and your test fee will be forfeited.

How can I find a testing site?

When you select a date and general location in the online registration system, you’ll see a list of test sites in that area. You can search by site or date to find a match to your needs.

What can I do with my TOEFL iBT profile?

When you register online, you will create a TOEFL iBT profile, including a user name and password.

You will be able to return to the site to:

1, Update your address
2, View your registration at “View Orders
3, Add a TOEFL Value Pack to your order
4, Reschedule
or cancel your registration
5, View your scores
6, Place orders for additional score reports
7, Check the status of previous orders
8, Pay an outstanding balance

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?

Yes — you can print your confirmation by choosing “Print and View Your Registration Confirmation” on the page with the heading “Thank You for Your Order.” Your test date, start time and test site address are listed on your confirmation.

Return to your online TOEFL iBT account the day before the test in case changes have been made to your registration details (for example, different time or building than originally scheduled). You will also receive an email confirmation.

When do late fees apply?

Registration closes seven days prior to the test date (not including the day of the test). A late fee of N6,000 is charged for registrations received after this deadline. Late registration closes three days prior to your test date (not including the day of the test).

I missed the deadline for scheduling a test. What should I do?

Select another test date.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

You can reschedule or cancel your registration up to three full days before your test date (not including the day of the test or the day of your request). That means if your test is on a Saturday, you must reschedule or cancel by Tuesday.

The fee to reschedule is N10,000 and must be paid before you can reschedule. If your request is not received at least three full days in advance, your full test fee will be forfeited. Test administrators are not authorized to make schedule changes.

To reschedule, you will need to provide your registration number and the full name you used to register.

How can I reschedule?

To reschedule by calling the appropriate phone number :- call 08058703080 .[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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