The IATC is a practical, professional training course for agency-based student counselor. It provides student counselors with : 1, An understanding of the overall international education market and the main destination countries for international students. 2, The skills and research parameters to analyze destination countries and their education products and processes. 3, The functional dynamics of dealing with students, education institutions, and governments.


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4 weeks

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March 15, 2021
4 weeks

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The course covers three areas:

  • Course Unit A : The Context of International Education Destination countries, education systems, legal requirements, and visas. Important Note : Students will NOT BE ASKED about specific destination countries when they take the IATC assessment test.
  • Course Unit B : The People in International Education Students, education institutions’ personnel, and immigration authorities.
  • Course Unit C : Promoting International Education  Working effectively, marketing, and ethics.
  The IATC is delivered online free of charge via this website, in a self-paced modular format. For access, please register for the IATC (registration is free of charge). Related testing and assessment sessions take place at ICEF Workshops and in conjunction with selected industry events and locations around the world. Participants who complete the IATC assessment successfully will be issued with a certificate, certifying them as ICEF Trained Agent Counsellors (ITAC).

Who can benefit from this course?

  • New entrants: Individuals wishing to enter the international education industry as student counsellors (with or without previous experience)
  • New student counsellors: The IATC is an excellent training tool for new staff members at agencies
  • Practising student counsellors: The IATC provides up-to-date information about international education principles and processes.


There are no qualifications or specific language requirements to the IATC. However, English proficiency equivalent to an IELTS score of 5.0 (or TOEFL PBT 500/TOEFL iBT 61) is advisable for English as a Second Language readers.  

Course Currilcum

  • Main Destination Countries – Asia 00:20:00
  • Main Destination Countries – Oceania 00:20:00
  • Main Destination Countries – Europe (Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France) 00:20:00
  • Main Destination Countries – Europe (Spain, Italy, Malta) 00:45:00
  • Main Destination Countries – Europe (U.K., Ireland) 00:30:00
  • Main Destination Countries – Americas 00:50:00
  • U.S. Five Quick Points About the U.S. World’s #1 destination for international students Third-largest country in world in terms of size and population Largest economy in world according to nominal GDP, and one of the most technologically advanced Some of the highest-quality educational institutions in the world, many with cutting-edge technological resources Huge range of educational options: some are broadly focused, some are employment-focused, some are niche (e.g., arts, social sciences, technical)
  • Understanding a Country 00:45:00
  • Understanding a Country
  • Education Markets in Destination Countries 00:35:00
  • Education Markets in Destination Countries.
  • Destination Countries 00:25:00
  • Study Destination Countries.
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