5 Simple Tips To Enhance Memory And Recall

Have you ever wondered how Detective Sherlock Holmes or even a colleague of yours remembers so much? Want to acquire what seem like a superhuman ability? Here are tips you can easily relate with. Happy remembering.

1. Try to memorize before bed:

One of the ways to aid recall is to go through the information just before going to sleep. This is because there are little or no interference so you will remember it better the next day.

2. Consider taking milk regularly:

Taking milk at least five or six times a week helps improve your memory. Scientists asked 972 to fill in detailed surveys on their diets and to complete eight rigorous tests to check their memory and learning abilities.

Individuals who took milk five or six times a week did far better in memory test compared to those who rarely did.

3. Mnemonics (Memory Aid):

Using imagery, for instance you want to remember a person’s name? Try and Imagine it or something associated with it on the person’s face. Psychologists have found out that the more bizarre and vivid the image, the better it works.

4. Be Curious :

Being in a state of curiosity enhances memory. How can you be curious when practicing for instance English? You could choose topics that fascinate you and look for materials in English about the topic to study.

Or you could review any topic that fascinates you prior to an English study session.

You could download and listen to Podcasts on the internet, then when you are done , you could sit down and do 30 minutes of English study.

5. Play Brain Games:

Puzzles and brain teasers force your mind to get into concentration mode. You can play brain games on gadgets or on paper with friends.

July 6, 2020

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